E-commerce powered by blockchain technology
Combining e-commerce with blockchain technology provides support for cryptocurrency payments and additional security during transactions.
We are changing the way e-commerce works by creating an open marketplace built upon blockchain technology.
Users of the marketplace can buy or sell goods and services in exchange for a variety of cryptocurrencies.
Due to the borderless nature of blockchain technology, anyone in the world can buy and sell on the marketplace.
A decentralised escrow service protects buyers and sellers from fraudulent transactions.
Key Features
Payments can be made using a variety of popular coins and tokens
Minimal Fees
Our sellers only pay the platform 3% from sales to support development
Proton Wallet
The wallet supports popular cross-chain assets such as BTC and ETH
Smart Contracts
Transactions between users are protected by blockchain smart contracts
Purchases made using the native STRX token receive 3% cashback
Merchants can create their own customised storefront on the marketplace
The Storex token (STRX) is the native currency for the e-commerce marketplace. It is built on Proton Chain and benefits from the network's zero fees - meaning you pay nothing extra when spending your STRX.
Total Supply
Market Cap
  • Can be used to pay for goods and services on the marketplace
  • Paying for goods with STRX gives you 3% cashback
  • Allows token holders to promote listings and storefronts
  • Can be traded with popular assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • The total maximum supply is limited to 2,000,000,000
Storex logo Amazon logo eBay logo
Crypto payments
Listing fee FREE $39.99
monthly subscription
variable fee
Processing fee 0%
when accepting STRX
variable fee
variable fee
Secure escrow
Cashback scheme
Freelance services
Independently funded
  • What will attract buyers and sellers to Storex when Amazon and eBay already exist?

    We are one of the only e-commerce platforms to utilise blockchain technology which allows us to facilitate crypto payments for goods and services. We also pride ourselves on having no insertion fees for new listings and industry low processing fees for sales. We believe other e-commerce marketplaces impose unnecessarily high fees which can drastically reduce sellers' profit margins and discourage small businesses from establishing an online presence.

  • How are transactions protected from fraudulent activity?

    By utilising blockchain smart contracts, we are able to protect both buyers and sellers during transactions. This is achieved by using a decentralised escrow service when a user makes an eligible purchase on the marketplace. The funds will not be released to the seller until the buyer has received the goods and is satisfied with the transaction. If a dispute arises, the community will have the opportunity to collectively arbitrate over the matter and release the funds through consensus decision-making.

  • How are disputes resolved on the marketplace?

    If a buyer is not satisfied with their purchase and has been unable to reach an agreeement with the seller, they can create a dispute on the marketplace. This will allow both parties to provide all relevant information and evidence regarding the transaction. The community will then have the opportunity to arbitrate over the dispute and release any allocation of funds through consensus decision-making.

  • What payment methods are supported on the marketplace?

    The marketplace will support many of the most popular cross-chain assets alongside the native STRX token including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BNB and many more.

  • My question is not listed here?

    If your question is not listed here please feel free to email contact@storex.io.